Music Photography DJ Ellen Allien at Subsonic Music Festival 2014

Ellen Allien (Germany) at Subsonic Music Festival 2014 played a super charged set. The crowd were ecstatic as Ellen encouraged a bit of impromptu dancing on the main stage. I even lost my hat once to Ellen who used it for a few minutes, now did someone get a photo of that 🙂
It was a great sight to see and feel the energy that Ellen put into her set. Ellen Allien provided plenty of opportunities for fun music photography.

Bio from Wikipedia (adapted)

Ellen Allien (born in Berlin as Ellen Fraatz) is a German electronic musician, music producer, and the founder of BPitch Control music label. Ellen album “Stadtkind” was dedicated to the city of Berlin. Ellen cites the culture of reunified Berlin as one of the main inspirations for her music.[1] She sings in both German and English. Her music is best described as a blend of IDM and Techno music, which is dance-floor oriented and has noticeable experimental elements.
Ellen currently lives in Berlin.

Albums to check out;

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